Hypnosis & Coaching for the following: 
-Attainment of Goals

-Creating Positive Changes
-Creative Visualization
-Enhanced Creativity
-Enhanced Self-Esteem
-Fears & Phobias
-Habits & Addictions

-Increased Focus & Attention
-Motivation & Concentration
-Performance Enhancement (Health & Fitness)
-Relaxation Techniques
-Self-Hypnosis Training
-Stress Management
-Weight Management

Spiritual Coaching & Hypnosis Sessions can Include:
-Past Life Regression
-Life Between Lives Regression
-Angel & Spirit Guide Connection
-Accessing the Akashic Records
-Spirit Releasement Therapy

Sessions can be done in person at the location of your choice, over the phone, and via Skype or Google + for long distance clients.

Embrace your soul purpose - Become your true and higher self - Overcome obstacles in your life

"Find Your Soul-Spiration"

Spirit Inspired Healing

At Spirit Inspired Healing, all aspects of ones psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects are taken into consideration to bring about the best possible healing outcome.

Here you will find a personally fulfilling healing space where one can release old beliefs and values being held in the subconscious mind that no longer serve you and learn to embrace your soul purpose, become your true and higher self, and overcome obstacles in your life.

I support you with motivation, inspiration, guidance and support in making positive changes in your life through the following modalities:

-Inspirational Life Coaching  

-Spiritual Coaching  

-Holistic Wellness Coaching
-Transpersonal Hypnotherapy  

-Hypnotic Dreamwork

-Energy Healing 


HOLISTIC HEALTH & HYPNOSIS - A Mind Body & Spirit Approach to Wellness with Jennifer Steward, CCHT

Holistic Wellness Practitioner - Transpersonal Hypnotherapist - Inspirational Life Coach - Energy Healer