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When I was young, age 14 or 15 my parents thought I was just a back talking teenager with no respect for my elders. I in turn thought I was right and would argue any issue I deemed unfair. Because of this, my parents sent me to 2 separate 2 week long Positive Motivation Camps.

The first week we learned about goal setting and affirmations while doing all the things camps have to offer such as horseback riding, swimming, crafts, canoeing, etc. We all had to pitch in and help with meals, dishes and keeping the cabins clean.
The second week we would go into the complete wilderness hiking for miles a day, sleeping on the ground, cooking over a campfire, all the while lugging a huge back pack full of all our necessities. On around the 5th day we were told we would be having a solitary, which is described in the dictionary as such;

  1. done alone: done without the company of other people
  2. shunning company: preferring to be or live alone
  3. secluded: in a remote location, apart from others
  4. single: existing as the only one of its kind

For 24 hrs. we would camp alone overnight. I remember not even being scarred and a little bored. I also remember feeling at peace and not because I was alone. Nature has a way of making you feel at ease with yourself. I had books to read and food. This was a very powerful experience!

​After it was all said and done, I now considered myself to be a "Positively Motivated" back talking teenager. I became even more straight-forward and convinced I was right. I have always been an outspoken individual, which seemed to do well for me in life, but as many years passed my confidence faltered and I lost site of the things I believed in so strongly.

In 2007-2008 I began a journey of self discovery in hopes of finding myself again. Once I was aware of wanting to make these changes, things began presenting themselves to me. I noticed a book intended for my significant other in a gift basket my mother had given him, but instead I read the book. The book was ‘Creating Affluence’ by Deepak Chopra. I began openly stating my intentions to others and was lead to the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne and many others by Deepak Chopra. The Law of Attraction worked for a while or was still working, but maybe not quite attracting exactly the most positive experiences. After a few very successful weeks, I began allowing negative thoughts back into my mind.

I spent the next few years reading everything I could get my hands on. As I was guided along this journey, I found myself attracted to many books. Books about Positive Motivation, the Law of Attraction, Meditation, Yoga, Spirituality, and many others that appealed to me at the time.

Needless to say, I found myself going in a direction I never expected. I finally felt “AWAKE”. I started having all kinds of metaphysical and spiritual experiences that one cannot put into words. Having grown up with a completely different belief system, this was somewhat of a struggle for me.

As I struggled to find myself, replacing old beliefs with new ones, many years passed by. Then in 2012, I made a call to Diane Morrin, M.A. at Full Spectrum Psychotherapy. She practiced, what at the time, I believed to be unorthodox in nature looking for a job or mentoring position to possibly expand my horizons. Needless to say, she was in business for herself and did not need any help. She then asked if I had insurance and was in need of counseling. I figured, “why not”. So I began counseling with this Diane. Throughout the process I learned much about myself and experienced a Past Life Regression, which included a Life Between Lives Regression. THIS was the most profound experience of my life. It was something I had never even considered, not to mention realizing how much it would change my entire life. Over the next few months I was connected to a Reiki Healer/Master with Spiritgrace Healing Arts. It was here that I learned the healing practice of Reiki and became a Certified Reiki Practitioner. My life seemed to be changing and quickly, yet I still had much to learn.

Then in 2014 after a long journey of self discovery, I was lead to the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. It was here that my life began to make sense and I now know my true calling in life.

Through reading about my journey, I hope you were able to get a sense of who I am and how I got to where I am now. I also hope you are inspired to contact me for a session as I am humbled to have had this experience and am ready and available to help you embrace your soul purpose, become your true and higher self, and overcome obstacles in your life.

Namaste ~Jen

Jennifer Steward CCHt. LC.

My journey

Graduate of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts - Holistic Wellness Practitioner Program

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