Jennifer is a very intuitive and has helped me to view myself in a new (more healthy) way. Through dream therapy, hypnosis, spiritual healing of both mental and physical ailments I feel more confident and have a much better sense overall well being. I highly recommend all services she has to offer. I would be happy to share my experiences. If you are feeling any hesitation in seeking her help, I would love to speak to you in person. Please ask her for my contact information. I have given her my consent to share on a case by case basis. I hope many of you will get to experience her personal care and improve your lives in an untold number of ways.

Session Type: Life Coaching - Hypnosis - Spiritual Coaching - Auriculotherapy - Dream Therapy

Carol Lane - Thompson Falls, MT

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Spirit Inspired Healing


Client feedback

Very comfortable settings, professional and seemed to have real results. I was able to move forward in my life after having experienced some very challenging relationship and personal issues.

Session Type: Life Coaching - Hypnosis - Energy Healing - Dream Therapy

Neiko - Roosevelt, UT

Jennifer was great! She took the focus off the stress of my dream and had me look at it a new, non stressful way. It has really helped me in my everyday life. If I ever needed this again I would definitely go and see Jennifer. She was very professional and still personal to me.

Session Type: Dream Therapy

Ashlyn - Missoula, MT

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Thanks so much everyone for all your support! Light & Love ~Jen

I thought you did a great job and helped me to understand my own problem and gave me a better way of dealing with it and change what needs to be changed.I knew I was already on my way to healing but I was having a hard time dealing with the depression and not being able to trust people so it helped that you were able to recognize that and gave me a phrase to look at everyday to remind myself what I really need to be focused on.

Session Type: Life Coaching - Spiritual Coaching

Janey - Bozeman, MT

A Holistic Approach to Wellness with Jennifer Steward, CCHt. LC. - Soul Coach - Hypnotherapist - Energy Intuitive

Spirit Inspired Healing

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