Spirit Inspired Healing

hypnotic dreamwork Session

60 - Minute Follow up Session $68

Spiritual coaching session

A rapport building session for determining your desired outcome

90 - Minute Complete Session $98

Disclaimer: The prices listed are our introductory rates and are subject to change without notice. All current clients will receive a 30 day written notice prior to any changes. Thanks

Inspirational Life Coaching is a communication between Coach and Client that inspires you to find the wisdom inside yourself to work through many of life’s challenges or issues.. Assisting one to live a more fulfilling life, experience more joy, and work toward the obtainment of goals & affirmations with ease.

20 Minute Pre-Interview

Schedule a 90 minute complete consultation, which will include a minimum of two of the following modalities: Wellness Consult, Inspirational Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Hypnotic Dreamwork, and/or Energy Healing. After a complete intake, together we will find the plan that's right for you. 

60 - Minute Follow up Session $68

Sessions can be done in person at the location of your choice, over the phone, and via Skype or Google + Hangouts for long distance clients. Payment for services are processed through PayPal. Invoices are sent directly to your email account. (No PayPal account required)


90 - 120 Minute Complete Session $98 - $128

Dreams are messages from the subconscious mind given to the conscious mind in the form of metaphors and/or symbols. A Dream Therapy Session can provide the answers to messages that your subconscious mind is trying to tell you. Even transforming what you perceived as a nightmare into acceptance and understanding. Dream Therapy can help you heal emotional, physical, or mental issue's that need resolved.

Through a combination of healing modalities, hypnosis, and spiritual guidance, gain a higher understanding of your own spirituality, spiritual journey, and life purpose.

This session can help you connect to a Higher Power, the Divine Spirit, your Spirit Guides and Angels, access Higher Realms, the Akashic Records, your Past Lives, and more. A full list of Spiritual Sessions in listed on the home page. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about a particular session. Price may vary due to length and type of session.


Hypnotherapy session

HOLISTIC HEALTH & HYPNOSIS - A Mind Body & Spirit Approach to Wellness with Jennifer Steward, CCHT

Holistic Wellness Practitioner - Transpersonal Hypnotherapist - Inspirational Life Coach - Energy Healer

Life coaching​​ sESSION

services and fees

90 Minute Complete Consultation & Initial Session $98

Follow up session for general conditions.

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